About Us

Sonoran Technology and Professional Services, headquartered in Goodyear, AZ ( near Luke AFB ), was founded by Air Force veterans Paul A. Smiley, President, and Peter D. Ehrenfeld in 2007. Sonoran Technology and Professional Services is a certified 8(a), Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) dedicated to delivering transformational training and technical solutions to a host of customers.

Culture & Values

Since we began operations in 2007, our number one goal is to have a culture where our employees, customers, business partners and community partners are treated with dignity, respect and human kindness. We are committed to building long-term relationships where honesty, trust, integrity, respect and service excellence are not just sound bites, but the essence of our existence.

The Sonoran Technology culture is built on four core principles:

  • Connector.


    This sets the standard of excellence, organizational culture, and values, which means that our customer’s mission is our mission.

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    Reliability & Responsiveness

    This means that our customers can depend on us to deliver low-risk, cost efficient, on-time, and outstanding results all the time.

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    Service Excellence

    This begins with hiring and retaining the best talent available to service our customers. Since 2007, we have maintained a steady 96% employee retention rate.

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    Transformational Technical Training Solutions

    This means that we are always looking for new technological methodologies and concepts to increase efficiency, improve results, minimize risks, and reduce cost to the warfighter.

“Sonoran Technology’s value added solutions are centered on improving individual and organizational performance. Ultimately, it is your people that drive productivity. Measurable and sustainable improvement in performance, profitability, and efficiency proves the value of Sonoran’s work. Sonoran Technology also has offices in Chicago, Illinois and Newport News, Virginia.”